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Step 1: Planning the Trip

Where It All Starts

Where to Go?

This was the first thought that came to mind when I came to realization that travelling the world is a real opportunity; and it's one that I'm going to take. Over the past few months I've been considering this question and have come up with some idea, none of which are original, but are good ideas nevertheless. Australia, South America, the United States and Southeast Asia all interest me. The United States and Australia seemed like the safest option for a traveller with little experience. However I've already travelled across the United States twice and plan to again in the late summer of 2017. My natural curiosity caused me to catch my eye on somewhere else.


Southeast Asia. The culture, breathtaking scenery and fascinating history has intrigued me. There is another important factor in all this; Money. I know; it's not something that we like to think about. You can backpack around Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos with little money. Unfortunately I cant say the same for Australia. I'm sure I could try to backpack Australia on a similar budget, but I want to see as much as I can, and I don't want money limiting that. Australia will have to wait for another year, hopefully not too far away.

Who to go With?

Finding someone to go with can be difficult. Everyone has their own commitments, and they cant always leave work and go travelling for a few months. I knew from the very start who I wanted to go with; my childhood friend. This probably doesn't seem like a particularly crazy idea. You need someone you can trust and also have a good time with. You also need someone you can spend month with, without arguments breaking out. I'm sure that we'll meet lots of people along the way, who we'll spend time with. After all, that's part of the experience.

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